1. gregs_8's Avatar
    So ive been having this problem for a long time now and im hoping someone can finally help me. I was on a long trip to Colorado and suddenly my sprint navigation wouldnt work. I exited out of it and when i tried to bring it up again it says and i quote "your blackberry permissions will not allow navigation to function" Well then im thinking to myself all i need to do is change permission to ALLOW and itll be fine. I did all that and tried everything else but still no luck...and like i said this has been a problem for a little over 2 weeks that i cant fix. So if there is anyone out there that had similar problems, id appreciate the help.

    08-27-09 12:21 PM
  2. PocketLint's Avatar
    Well what you should do is re register your device or back it up and wipe it, you may also not have it on ur plan anymore

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    08-29-09 12:07 PM
  3. roosk's Avatar
    mine would get stuck at the main screen. i deleted it but havent added back yet
    09-03-09 12:43 AM