1. Duvi's Avatar
    I know this isn't related to Blackberry, but I found this very funny and wanted to share this with everyone. Not sure if this was bought up before, but I found this hilarious.

    Instinct Phone from Sprint

    I found the GPS one to be hilarious.

    10-13-08 01:08 AM
  2. jm2hill's Avatar
    do i ever want a muffin now
    great commercial

    edit----it was a muffin when it first came on the screen now its a cupcake
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    10-13-08 01:10 AM
  3. redMacht's Avatar
    Yeah.. That is a pretty old video. I guess it's funny to those that haven't seen it yet.
    10-13-08 01:36 AM
  4. JazzeeJEF's Avatar
    From what I hear the Instinct is horrible.
    10-13-08 10:13 AM
  5. tkerugger's Avatar
    My wife has an Instinct and is happy with it, but all she does is voice calls, email and text, with an occasional visit to the weather channel. I played with it for a while, and its not that bad, unless you compare it to the iPhone or a Berry...

    But, I want my phone to do different things than she does, so we're both happy with the choices we made...


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    10-13-08 11:38 AM
  6. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    Well to each their own......I'll never have anything but a berry.
    10-13-08 03:07 PM