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    Hey guys,

    I currently have an 8830WE and it's been great. Although I really miss not having a camera. I'm a field sales rep and there are times on a customer site when it would really come in handy!!

    Anyways, I think it's time for a new berry and I can't decide. Although with Sprint my only choice is the 8330 Curve. I would like a phone that has a little more sex appeal, like the Storm or Bold, but being on Sprint really limits my options. I have heard that there are some new berries coming this summer but I don't know if I want to wait that long. I don't want to switch carrier's because in my area Sprint has very good service and the pricing for the unlimited plan is really good.

    So bring on the suggestions. Is the Curve a decent upgrade or should I stick it out for a few more months.

    02-17-09 08:34 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    The hot new smart phone coming to Sprint in the Palm Pre. It's not known when it's coming, maybe summer? They showed it at CES. Blackberry wise they MAY be getting the Curve II (89XX), Pearl Flip (82XX), and the Bold (90XX), but it's not known when. If you must get a BB now the Curve is your only option, perhaps the Nextel version which has push to talk.
    02-17-09 09:17 PM
  3. rkosek's Avatar
    I think I'll stick with Blackberry. I came from the Palm Treo and had such a bad experience that I can't go back. I am also thinking of the Storm, but have my reservations. All I seem to hear is "It's Great" and then "It Sucks" that it makes me nervous.
    02-17-09 09:23 PM
  4. jayllea's Avatar
    mother in law has the sprint curve and absolutely loves it..i've seen it and flipped through it a few times and its just as awesome as my verizon curve..(like the dark grey color scheme better than verizons light grey ) i'd definitely go with the curve..if you don't really want the curve though, research a little online about when/if some new berries are coming to sprint..heard the bold is coming out for verizon around may-ish, so sprint will probably follow suit and get it around the same time..do some research, dont settle for something you dont really want
    02-17-09 09:24 PM
  5. BergerKing's Avatar
    Smart move is the Curve. You get a solid, stable device that gives you pretty much everything you want. It has more power without bulk than the WE, gives you the camera you want, and doesn't pick your pocket at the same time.

    Now balance the wanta haves from the gotta haves, and if that doesn't work, the digital decision generator should be employed. Remove coin from pocket, choose heads or tails, flip. Lol.

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    02-17-09 10:12 PM
  6. rkosek's Avatar
    Maybe I need to spend some time with curve in the store. My two concerns are that the interface looks too much like my 8830 (I know it can be changed) and I don't want a batter blackberry to come out 6 months after I get a curve. But I guess the katter is a risk I would always take

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    02-17-09 11:04 PM
  7. wolf1989's Avatar
    I don't think anything is coming to sprint anytime soon. I have the sprint curve and its awesome. But to my understanding the 8830 and 8330 have the same interface. So your just adding the camera and getting a amsaller phone with more memory.

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    02-17-09 11:08 PM
  8. eve6er69's Avatar
    And the curve is a lot lighter.
    I would say go for the curve, it is sexier than the 8830 and it is extremely stable

    Are you trying to say my curve isn't sexy?

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    02-17-09 11:46 PM
  9. AGreenGiant's Avatar
    I left sprint little over a month ago and got the bb curve with att little over a week ago. It was the best decision i could make. The curve is outstanding. It's efficient, convenient, and smart. It does everything I need it to do, and more.
    02-18-09 06:24 AM
  10. psycosis86's Avatar
    I have the curve with sprint and absolutley love it. I have had no problems with it. You are kinda out of luck though because sprint will most likely have new phones come the end of this summer.

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    02-18-09 08:01 AM