1. GlobalSINicism's Avatar
    So I have been a BB user since 1/09 and enjoy all the phones functions one in particular is the phone as a modem until a couple of weeks ago it was great after 3 hrs of customer service reading me their scripts they tell me it was a glitch that I even got to use it at all with the everything data plan and that there's nothing they will do to resolve the issue..All I ask is if you are a BB user and you used the phone as a modem and you have the everything data plan (without a separate mobile broadband plan) please call sprint and voice your opinion because its not right that a service I was lead to believe was part of my plan is taken from me without notice and then told that if I want to use my phone as a modem I need to downgrade to a lesser plan that costs the same amount as the one I have now and if I want to keep all the features that my current plan has PLUS modem service its gonna cost me an extra $25 a month. They say that RIM left open some port of something and when they sent me a BB OS upgrade it closed out that port. This is not ok its like being sold a car and a year later the dealership comes back and welds the gas tank closed! Then tells you that this car was never intended on being refilled with gas BUT for a fee they will reopen the tank... Its BS!
    11-15-09 02:10 PM
  2. redhdgirl417's Avatar
    It states right in what is included in your Everything plan that tethering is NOT included...they covered their butts. None of us are happy about it, but have to live with it. I personally invested in the Tetherberry app (which is recommended by Sprint reps BTW) and it works wonderfully. There have been MANY forums on this subject on CB.
    11-16-09 12:56 PM