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    It IS working correctly, there was just some strange delay between me seeing the message and hearing it in voicemail. In addition it marks the voicemail are heard already so it is in "saved" messages not the voicemail "new" messages. Thanks.

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    Can I get the best of both worlds and have my voicemail remain in my inbox and still get the text version of it? As it is now, it sends any missed call to my blackberry curve as a text message and then deletes the voicemail, or it is intercepted and it never gets to voicemail. Since the voice to text software is far from 100% accurate, I need to have the backup of being able to HEAR the person. I don't mind having to check voicemail I have already seen as text. I am on Alltel and checked my forwarding options. It looks like it is set at the Alltel servers and not in my blackberry since forwarding is off. I supposed I can turn it off with *740 send or somesuch, but would like to have both turned on. Thanks.

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