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    This is my own speculation, but the timeline fits recent "rumors" and may shed some light as to why the devices are being "delayed".....

    RIM - manufactures the handheld device and makes it available to the "Vendor" for sale
    Vendor - this is the service provider (Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, Sprint, Bell, Telus, etc.) that will test the hardware/software on their networks and then "sell" the device to the Consumer
    Consumer - all of us waiting for the shiny new device to get released.

    so who is to blame?? RIM, or Vendor?

    I bought my 9550 on a 2 year contract on 12/21/2009 (yes it still works) from Vendor. According to "Vendor", I am not available for an early-upgrade until Aug 2011.
    Wait, this date looks familiar. August 2011 is the same month many "Vendors" are rumored to be releasing the new devices.

    It makes perfect business sense not to release a new device until many of their existing Consumer base is ready for a new contract renewal at their new data rates from Vendor.

    So lets take a look at the timeline as of late:
    Vendor increases data rates to no longer have "unlimited" in early July.
    Many existing Consumers who purchased existing devices at Christmas time on a 1yr or 2yr contract are eligible for contract renewal in Aug
    At the end of Aug or beginning of Sept is the start of school, perfect time to get a new device for someone.....

    I would speculate the new devices are ready for shipment from RIM, and the delay is from the VENDOR. Expect release dates from various vendors between Aug 22 - Sept 6 (this will account for bulk holiday purchases including returns/exchanges from the previous 1-2 year contract holders)
    07-13-11 01:35 PM
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    If you're on a Verizon 2-year contract, your upgrade eligibility date is always20 months from the date you signed the contract, which is August 2011 for a December 2009 contract (mine is exactly the same). I suppose it's possible the timing of the Verizon data plan changes happened in July because of the "Christmas rush" of people coming up for upgrades (except you can upgrade your phone, sign a new contract, and still keep your unlimited data). But the phones are delayed on all carriers around the world, not just the U.S. I find it difficult to believe they're all working in unison to purposely delay the new phones. Plus, many international carriers do not work on 2-year contracts with 20-month upgrade cycles. And why did Verizon just release the Droid 3? Are there Android and WP7 devices being delayed until late August, too?
    07-13-11 04:15 PM