1. neagabrown's Avatar
    Hello All.

    I am a new user to the blackberry pearl 8110. I have discovered a rather annoying fault. When I answer a call, the speaker is active by default.

    I assume this is a setting issue, but I cannot find it, please help ?

    12-02-08 03:52 AM
  2. CipherDias's Avatar
    Welcome to the wonderful addiction known as CRACKBERRY, U R amongst friends here so don't ever be afraid to ask questions!

    Is it possible your finger is hitting the speaker button as you answer? Been a while since I have ahd a curve but I dont remember seeing a setting where U can set it as default.
    12-02-08 04:44 AM
  3. not4no1's Avatar
    I had a simmular issue with my first 8130.
    I would answer a call & randomly it would activate the speaker.
    Whenever that happened, I knew I had lost controll of my phone & I could no longer hang up or deactivate the speaker. I had to wait for the other party to hang up & as soon as they did, my phone would automatically reboot.

    I don't know if this is the same thing happening to your Pearl, but I had to have it replaced & it has never happend since.

    I hope a setting adjustment is all you need, but if nothing else works, you might need a replacement.
    12-02-08 10:27 AM