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    I have had this issue for about 2 weeks now, it seemed to happen right around when i updated my firmware from .214 to .217 for some reason my "Speak it" for AT&T Navigator/TeleNav and MusicID will not recognize my voice for commands, so.... I decided to upgrade to .219 last night figuring maybe this was a known issue and still no fix! so basically as of now my speak it doesnt work it keeps promting me to hold space bar down and say command and MusicID comes up saying "song failed or not recognized"

    Im not sure if i have overlooked a file to install for this issue with the firmware or an update to AT&T Navigator/TeleNav or an update on MusicID
    but if there is, can someone please send me a pm with a rapidshare link or megauplod link to help me get this fixed....(I have tried deleting and reinstalling navigator also)

    Thank you very much
    01-11-09 08:12 PM