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    There may not be a solution to this... and in fact, I may not even be able to explain it clearly, but here goes:

    I check my regular email on my BB. Let's say my address is
    [email protected]

    I don't use the blackberry address. I have other addresses, but this is my main one. The email to this address comes into Outlook Express on my pc and into my blackberry.

    When I send outgoing mail from my pc, the name the recipient sees is "Mary Lou Jones."

    When I got my blackberry Pearl last March, I set up the outgoing name on my BB as "MJones." The blackberry goes to my webmail and mail to that address shows up on my BB as well as coming into Outlook Express.

    I also have chosen to get read receipts for all email that I originate on my BB.

    Right after Democratic convention, I got a whole bunch of spam-- like 10-15 per day-- offering me naked pics of Michele Obama and stuff like that. Holy moley! I had never gotten much spam at all in the years that I've had "myisp.com," so this really blew me away. The emails purported to be from my email address, "[email protected]" but the NAME at on the email was MJones (my BB outgoing name), NOT "Mary Lou Jones" the outgoing name when I send email from my PC.

    Just as abruptly as it started, those Obama-related spam emails stopped. But then a few days later, I started getting spam again, the usual, viagra, home loans, etc., still from "MJones."

    So just for the heck of it, I went into the BB email setup and changed the outgoing name to "MLJones."

    I still get 20-30 spam emails every day from "MJones," but so far haven't gotten any from "MLJones."

    This is my first question... and actually, I'm not sure what the question is... somehow I got on a spam list while my outgoing BB name was "MJones," but after I changed the outgoing name... no spammer has picked that up? Does that matter a hill of beans?

    I do have a spam filter on Outlook Express, and it routes all emails from "[email protected]" into a spam folder, INCLUDING the read receipts from when I send email from my BB. So I have to go into my spam filter periodically and pull out the read receipts, which of course, the spam filter thinks is spam.


    Is anyone still reading this far?

    How can I filter spam that purports to be from MY email address without also blocking the read receipts. I'm guessing that I can't.

    I was spoiled because for the first few years that I had "myisp.com" I didn't get ONE PIECE of spam-- ever. Then I guess there just got to be too much spam for them to keep up with.

    Thoughts? Ideas? Tea & sympathy?
    12-27-08 02:46 PM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    Very hard to keep up... I will attempt to read again later on, but from what I can tell, only your isp can stop it with their spam blockers and adding the @spamaddress on your spam block list (if your isp has one)

    12-27-08 02:51 PM
  3. Lillieperl's Avatar
    Welcome to My World.

    Where do I find the "@spamaddress" when the spam pretends to be from MY address?

    I do have the ability to block at the webmail level.
    12-27-08 03:02 PM