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    I wanted to know if it's possible to sort my contacts by city or town. If not, is there a setting that will allow me to type in a city or town name and those contacts would appear? Thanks for your help.
    05-15-08 01:29 PM
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    Bump. Thanks again.
    05-16-08 03:11 PM
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    I'm a newbie to crackberry.com having owned a bberry for several years. In all these years have never found a way of sorting contacts by city for example like you can with treo, or any other category other than first name, second name, company name - seems you need to know what/who you're looking for before you can find it...

    But quite often you go to a city and can't quite remember the name of the restaurant/bar/person you met there last time but you know you've stored the contact and if you could bring up all your contacts for 'New York' for example, you'd recognize it - did you find a satisfactory solution in the end, or can anyone else help out?

    Because of this seemingly glaring shortfall I'm on the verge of abandoning bberry for something else with better software...Ian
    09-29-08 03:37 AM
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    This will be easy. You've got the Title, Company Name or Job Title to use as a category for things like this. It may not keep them all lined up next to each other in the order they are stored but when you type in Michigan, everyone with Michigan in one of those three areas mentioned above will be listed in the search results. I do this to search people by company they work for.

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    09-29-08 03:52 AM
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    You can filter by Category. Simply create a category called Town (or whatever) and edit the contacts category that you want. Then, when opening address book hit Menu>Filter, and choose the category. Very easy to do! I have categories like food, family, friend, business, group, etc.

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    09-29-08 05:41 AM
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    Hello Ian,
    Sorry to hear about that! But, I'm affraid that you just haven't explored the possibilities of your BB. As I noted above the filter option is available, but a lot of users are unaware of this, and many other features. I suggest learning more about your BB before making rash conclusions/decisions.

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    09-29-08 05:49 AM