1. anon(5956773)'s Avatar
    With pinch, you can gather all your unread hub messages together. Is there a way to do this with remember tasks? As my list grows, I still have to scroll down and visually look for unchecked boxes. Is there a sort by unread feature?
    11-28-14 07:42 AM
  2. frozenjim's Avatar
    Sadly, so far as I can tell, No. For a busy businessman this renders the tasks useless. This is one of the two extremely embarrassing oversights on the Passport: You cannot sort tasks by "checked" (or hide completed tasks) and you cannot SNOOZE them for any time other than 5 minutes.

    So by setting a task, I am setting myself up for failure. As the reminders come in during board meetings, I am forced to dismiss them so that I won't be interrupted every 5 minutes. If I have five currently overdue tasks, I need to do this five times every five minutes (see how that multiplies out to something horriffic?). Then I must manually scan through hundreds of tasks to confirm that they are all checked (which, of course, nobody has time for) so I miss my targets.

    The Task list is supposed to be a REMINDER system for business people, and it was fine in the old versions.

    Why RIM? Why do you do silly things like this? Do you hate us so much as that?
    01-13-15 06:23 AM
  3. sebstarr's Avatar
    Agree. Remember needs a serious update!
    01-13-15 05:13 PM

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