1. grantdan's Avatar
    well after being dragged all around my local town today the wife had her heart set on an x1 and didnt want to settle on anything else. so we eventually found one, but i have to say im not impressed. it has the same running system as my 2 year old mda (HTC)compact 3, and it seems like basically the same phone. i dont think it can be compared to my curve ...

    so appart from the iphone (which i feel only sells because its apple) i dont think theres too much serious competition for rim??

    anybody else think so??
    11-17-08 10:51 AM
  2. TvTechGuru's Avatar
    Wow, I had just heard about this phone recently. Just from looking at the specs I would have thought it would be huge competition for RIM.

    Maybe not, huh?

    As far as competitors for Blackberry and the iPhone, I can think of 2 phones right now.

    Samsung i8510 and the Nokia N96. I'm just gauging this from the spec sheets for these 2 phones. I've never seem them in person, just You Tube videos and reviews.
    11-17-08 11:38 AM
  3. jontymisra's Avatar
    For the price it's at, I can get 3 Bolds.
    11-17-08 11:44 AM
  4. Pete6's Avatar
    Sony Ericsson has a problem right now. It had three OSs at its disposal
    - Sony Ericsson's own internal OS
    - Windows Mobile
    - Symbian / UIQ3

    Nokia has now bought (3 -4 months ago) Symbian so SE now has to either become one of the bunch of Windows Mobile platform providers or, it has to massively ramp up its own OS.

    My feeling is that it will be a few more monhs before SE is a real player - in its own right, not WinMo - in the true smartphone market again.

    I also think that SE will not just roll over and fall out of the smartphone market. In fact, the iPhone launch has actually helped this because this phone made a massive impact when it hit the market and it has provided breathing space for others to move forward.
    11-17-08 12:12 PM