1. vaca232's Avatar
    I picked up a Sony DR-BT21G stereo headset for walking around outside between classes.

    When I use the headphones inside, I literally cannot get them to skip or drop out. I've tried them from the next room over, buried under clothes, probably up to 20 feet away, never had them drop out.

    The second I get outside and start using them with my Storm they do nothing but skip and cut out. I keep my Storm either in my coat pocket, or pant pocket.

    Anyone know what could be causing them to perform so differently inside and outside? I'm in Florida at the moment, so I've been using them basically in 40-70s temperatures

    02-01-09 04:41 PM
  2. crackhead67's Avatar
    I use the MOTO S9-HD with my STORM and have the exact same problem! It has to have something to do with the open environment they are working in. To me this should not be an issue but obviously it is. I can be 3 levels away in my house and still have a good connection...Good Question, mabey someone a little more tech savy could chime in.
    02-12-09 04:32 PM
  3. blackcoffeenosugar's Avatar
    This is a known issue with BlackBerry Storm and possibly some other models. In side a building the Bluetooth signal gets reflected back by the surrounding walls, thus works fine. But outdoor, the signal can get very weak. A suggestion is keeping the BlackBerry device above waist, i.e. avoid trousers pockets, but jacket or shirt pockets. What also works for me is keeping the phone in the suitcase/backpack instead of on me.
    04-22-09 06:48 PM