1. jgbrock's Avatar
    Today was one of those days. UMA would not stay on. Every time I look down, it is off. Which, where I work, is a real pain, since EDGE is practically nonexistent.

    I am not entirely sure how it works, but I know that it is not a matter of staying connected to WIFI, since I always do. I can browse the web, send emails, etc, etc.., but no calls since UMA is gone. If I toggle the WIFI on and off, the UMA might connect, but it goes away five minutes later.

    I assume that there is some UMA server somewhere that you connect to via WIFI and that server must have it's bad days.

    Maybe tomorrow will be better... Most days it only drops once in a while.
    08-12-09 08:35 PM
  2. larrygump's Avatar
    check my signature links and see if this helps.....uma setup and tweaks will ensure you keep your uma always as long as you have accessible wifi
    08-16-09 09:36 PM