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    1 month ago I bought a BlackBerry z30, my colleague saw this phone she likes it very much, she didnt was planned to spend a lot money on it and she decided to bought a z10. She went to the website of the mediamarkt and saw the price was very good. She decided to go to mediamarkt roermond (holland), she went there and didn't see the z10 the only BlackBerry she saw was the q10. She asked the sales lady do you have the z10? The sales lady said sold out. She asked can you order me this phone by BlackBerry? The sales lady said it is impossible BlackBerry is bankrupt but we have nice samsung devices....

    Fortunately my colleague just left and bought nothing and will buy it by another shop but this is very bad for BlackBerry that shops tell customers lies cuz many people will believe

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    01-06-14 02:09 PM
  2. eldricho's Avatar
    Unfortunate to see a Mediamarkt employee be so unhelpful and spreading lies. They usually give good help and helped my aunt set up her Z10

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    01-06-14 02:20 PM
  3. RTK90's Avatar
    Misinformed people are not helping BlackBerry in the least. It's a shame really I sometimes wonder if it isn't on purpose

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    01-06-14 02:28 PM
  4. erwinfr's Avatar
    Just order online at studentmobiel.nl or by one via marktplaats.

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    01-06-14 02:39 PM
  5. marknick's Avatar
    This is not unique. I read a similar article here a while ago and since, I have visited 4 different retailers in several places just to see for myself the reactions of staff. Every store with no exception said blackberry are dead, bankrupt, no longer doing phones or some other nonsense. Each store I asked which phone would be best for me (large scale communications) and each time with one exception I was pushed towards Samsung.... not Android, Samsung. they are " the best email phone made today" according to carphonewarehouse in Craigavon and Telford, UK... the stores in England or Northern Ireland that I visited no matter which one (O2, CPW, EE) all do not want to sell me a BlackBerry of any kind. With this kind of help I am surprised BlackBerry are selling any phones. Anyone going in with no real phone knowledge will come out without a blackberry. I only believe it as in did the research myself and experienced it myself.

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    01-06-14 02:55 PM
  6. oilgeo10's Avatar
    The sales people don't seem to understand that BlackBerry will still be supporting BB7 & BB10 phones, even though they will no longer put out consumer devices. Just guessing that many shops aren't bringing in new stock once they sell out what they already have and sales staff, the lowest guys on the ladder just assume BlackBerry is going out of business.

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    01-06-14 03:12 PM
  7. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    Just guessing that many shops aren't bringing in new stock once they sell out what they already have and sales staff, the lowest guys on the ladder just assume BlackBerry is going out of business.
    IMO, this is exactly what's happening. From a consumer retailer/salesperson's point of view, BB *is* dead if the store they work in isn't selling them or ordering them anymore. And this isn't unique to smartphones; you'd get much the same type of response from most salespeople in a similar situation, no matter what the product was. If they can't get it in their stores anymore, than to them, that product is "dead."
    01-06-14 06:44 PM
  8. Ben1232's Avatar
    Some shops have already killed BlackBerry.

    Posted via my CB-Q10
    01-06-14 06:45 PM

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