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    It's possible these have been posted about before but in case they haven't I thought I would share the info.

    http://wap.superpages.com/ (possibly formerly known as infospace)

    Yahoo has something called one search. Looks like there is an installable app that includes a voice input feature.

    Yellowpage.com has a mobile optomized version of their page. It appears to load to it by default when entering the address in the browser.

    http://en.mobile.wikipedia.org/ (mobile optomized version of wikipedia).

    Weather.com has a home screen shortcut that takes you directly to local weather info and forcast.

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    mocospace.com - its a knock off of myspace, but same principle, works great for cells...

    radar.net - has down loadable app, runs separate form web browser, on-line (friend only) photo sharing site ... ps,, all pics are ok...
    07-20-08 02:13 PM
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    You can PM a Mod and ask that they move them, or you can post them in "Popular Download Links".
    07-20-08 02:18 PM
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    811.com - will send pictures using your net access from your phone or home pc to any cell phone number. Great for those of us that cant MMS
    07-20-08 02:25 PM