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    Not sure if someone posted this earlier this year, but I just stumbled across this article from "Business Insider" stating how some higher end corporations like Goldman Sachs, are still issuing Legacy Berries to their Executives.

    The author states how at a recent Economic From in Sweden, he saw a lot of legacy Berries, and many people carrying an iPhone and a legacy Berry. I get this as I did this for years. I Still do. My main business device is a 9900 (just recently upgraded from a 9780) tied via Bridge to my Playbook. I carried an iPhone 4s alongside this Berry for years, then a WindowsPhone, and recently a new Quad Core Android.

    I sort of disagree with the Author that Droids are for people that can't afford an iPhone. I happen to prefer Droid to iOS and it has nothing to do with cost, but that is another story.

    A VERY QUICK read if you want to look at the article:

    Goldman Sachs Folks Still Using BlackBerry At Davos - Business Insider
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    06-25-15 02:44 PM
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    Out of curiosity, why not get a Passport and have best of both worlds? That is, unless you need Google services.
    06-25-15 03:40 PM
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    I like your post. Within all the negativity and the bad perspectives in terms of BlackBerry's hardware business, it's good to see that BlackBerry still has some relevance in a few large corporate environments.

    That legacy BBOS devices have such a high persistence with some user groups is a phenomenon. Those phones are old and miles behind the technical performance of modern smartphones. Yet, they can still get the job done for a surprisingly high amount of people because of their excellent system architecture.

    Then again, those phones are a relic of BlackBerry's better times when it was a status symbol to own one and everybody was addicted to their clicky keyboards. It was an era which is sadly over. BBOS, no matter how good it was, is just not competitive anymore and BB10 seems to be no viable substitute for so many.

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    06-25-15 04:08 PM

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