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    I must say it makes a day start fresh and nice.
    RIM prend un nouvel envol avec sa PlayBook | FrAndroid Communauté Android

    Bellow some kind of translation :
    Thursday, February 23, 2012 at 9:15 by Arnaud in Conferences , Development , Tablet It took place Wednesday in Paris offices of the Canadian firm RIM Blackberry an evening dedicated to Android developers and co-organized by FrAndroid. This evening was to present the new architecture of the operating system and allow developers to learn more about the major contribution of this new version, and that concerns us here: to run Android applications!

    It does not change the form factor of the tablet, but only the operating system (about 400MB), pushed automatically Blackberry OTA on the shelves, which simply replaces the old version.
    Based on QNX, a UNIX operating system dedicated to real-time and embedded systems, the system is "hyper" reactive ! This is a true multi-tasking, able to actually run different applications simultaneously! The ergonomics of this new version made me think of WebOS, but in terms of responsiveness we're far ahead of Android or WebOS ...! The tablet has a Full HD HDMI port.
    Furthermore, playbook 2.0 has a system that will provide a more sacred: Blackberry Bridge. This system allows the tablet to be able to control their phone and share data. I have my phone in my jacket ... I read my SMS on my shelf, I am notified of a call, I can connect my tablet to TV via HDMI cable and I use the smartphone (Blackberry only) to scroll through pictures , play a video, enter a web address or write an email! In short, the tablet becomes a little PC! When I finished working, I can disconnect the bridge functionality (using bluetooth) and give the tablet to my family: none of my personal data will be accessible, since my smartphone is not connected by the bridge!

    Android And in all this: the Dalvik virtual machine is available ... just like Air technology or C / C + +. In short, RIM has a different operating system on which execution environments and for which applications, developed in different languages ​​can work. So Android has arrived and is executed in a restricted area. One can regret that it is not possible to run multiple simultaneous applications in Android. But in terms of reactivity, nothing to say, applications seem to work as quickly as on the latest hardware 100% Android on the market.
    Be careful though, today many features unique to Android are not available, thereby excluding many applications such as: certain games (using the JNI), all applications using the services specific to Google (Maps, C2DM, App billing), using the bluetooth ... Other applications will be deteriorated in their functionality.

    The present version of Android implementation of Playbook 2.0 is Gingerbread (2.3). RIM assures that there will gradually catch up over the different functional versions of Blackberry. And it starts at the end of the year with the arrival of 10 Blackberry that will run the same application on tablet and smartphone, and whose ergonomics will be identical (this version will be the equivalent of CSI: an experience user identically on all types of equipment).
    All this information has been described by Sanyu Kiruluta, responsibilitiesm relationship with RIM developers. The company Sedona, official partner of RIM, represented by Remy Poulachon, said that this contribution Android was a real bonus for developers. Two developers Blackberry / Android Sedona were on hand to provide assistance to those present to make a port of their application ... The thing was simple for some, much more complex for others, but knowledge environments and Blackberry Android, and tools made available by RIM for the portage, from the engineers Sedona helped guide correctly and quickly developers present.

    In about two hours, a dozen application had been brought on Playbook! A jury of Ines Brudey (RIM), Arnaud Flour (Humanoid / Expertise Android), Remy Poulachon (Sedona) and Arnaud Touillon (RIM) has defined four applications that can reward their authors, and to leave after a few minutes with a 2.0 Playbook brand new. All the developers played the game ... but it is true that the restrictions APIs or signing keys have complicated things hard!
    A very interesting evening, which showed a significant drive to increase its BlackBerry App World application Android ... The main reason is to provide a larger library of applications to its users through existing technology such as Android. For information (for developers and publishers) App World for only 60,000 applications, produces more than 6 million downloads per month and has an average basket of 3.20 € (well beyond the App Store and other Market).
    2.0 The Playbook has seen its price increased to € 199 since the beginning of the year ... A very aggressive price given the opportunities!

    Two more notes :
    1. If you understand French, read the comments ... here's on I overlike :
    "Alexander R. [replies to "even €200 is too expensive for this piece of hardware"]
    It depends on
    what you want to do with it, but it's a safe bet that it will succeed to 200 €, it's really cheap. The tablet is really impressive fluidity and stability dice the first few seconds of use and it is confirmed in the long run. I have never seen in any case something such reactive under Android and I was more impressed than iPad.
    There remains the problem
    of still few applications."
    2. Hey, Waterloo, can we join the dance ? we still have no access to Betas ... and we don't really know why.
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    Good read. Thanks for posting. It is refreshing just to get away from the unneeded negativity even discussing such things in the US.
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