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    I have been using my blackberry for about a month. I first set up my email to sync with our internal qmail servers IMAP service. It worked ok and I recieved all my emails, but there was a delay of 10 to 15 minutes for many emails. My understanding is this is because this type of push service only syncs every 15 minutes.

    So I then set up a vzw.blackberry.net email account and forwarded my email to this account. Everything was great. I typically received my email on the blackberry before it showed up in outlook. After a couple weeks, I started to notice that some emails never showed up on my blackberry. Specifically one from appriver our spam service. I then did some testing trying to reforward this email in text only format. I still did not receive it. I then parred down the email a little at a time in text format without the html and I finally recieved when it got below 6 kb. It seems there is something in certain emails that is being tagged by blackberry and not sent.

    There are others that I still do not receive. There does not seem to be a pattern. Some are HTML emails. Some are text only. I watched the logs on our mail server and it shows the email being forwarded to the blackberry service and it shows that the blackberry services accepts the email. So everything appears to be working on our server end.

    I can not find a pattern why some emails are never received. I talked to verizon and they assured me that blackberry.net does not do any filtering and if the email is forwarded, I will receive it.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


    07-02-09 09:25 AM