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    hello fellow cb addicts!

    I need some advice for email accounts on my pearl (soon to be bold/javelin depending when jav arrives in uk). I so far have my o2 email account and my isp account, straight forward enough. However I have my company emails (a dotcom address) sent to my isp account which finds its way onto my bb or laptop. On the laptop to reply or send from my company email I just go into settings and change the address its sent from but on the pearl it obviously only shows the o2 acount and my isp account. I tried entering my company name but it wouldnt have it. I then tried setting up my company email on the bb but where the dotcom address does not have its own account, just diverts to my isp if you like it would not let me do it.

    Sorry if this is a bit vague, reading it back it does seem that way but I dont know how best to explain

    If anyone can help it would be appreciated

    10-28-08 12:28 PM
  2. berry me with it's Avatar
    Your Pearl won't allow you to send from an address not linked directly to the bb through the BIS or BES. Far as I know, you won't be able to respond to an email from the device and have the reciepiant see your company name in the "from" field.
    10-28-08 12:39 PM
  3. academy's Avatar
    Oh no really? Anyone else got any ideas round this? I'm a bit of a noob really!!

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    10-28-08 03:55 PM