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    Hi all, I have a 8900 and am thinking of switching to a storm 2 or 9700. With the insurance I have with cpw I can pay an excess of 25 and hand my phone back and they pay off/terminate the contract. You obviosly start over with a new contract/number but that's no big deal for me. Problem is I changed the bezel etc on my curve and lost the little red warranty sticker! I have changed the bezel back now but is it likely they will check? If so will I get away with the "what sticker" Approach? I mean does it matter that much to them? Its not like they are going to resell the phone. I could always have the phone stolen or lost maybe and have them replace it first but that seems like to much trouble for me! Anyone help out with a similar experiance?


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    10-25-09 03:39 PM
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    Anyone? Please!

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    10-26-09 01:28 AM