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    There are step-by-step directions here:

    Synchronizing a BlackBerry in Linux cb.blog

    which references also a nice article here:

    Linux.com :: Syncing your BlackBerry on Linux

    Note: The directions are for those using KDE, but see this post for the minor modification you need to make if using Gnome:

    [ubuntu] blackberry sync with ubuntu - Ubuntu Forums


    "Note, if you are synchronizing with Evolution, you will need to install the "oopensync-plugin-evolution" package rather than the "opensync-plugin-kdepim" package. Also, when configuring the synchronization group and members, you will need to use "sync-evo2" rather than "sync-kdepim". All else should work pretty much the same."

    Actually, those directions have a minor error... the correct command to --addmember is:

    $ msynctool --addmember Blackberry evo2-sync


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    Hi, I am looking for recommendations for a blackberry that I can use in Ubuntu 10.10 - there is only two listed on Barry software so I wondered if anyone here can advise? Item will have to be at lest 1-2 years old so it can fit my budget.
    12-18-10 06:32 AM