1. dviglianco's Avatar
    I had this problem on my own (I have a car with Bluetooth -Mercedes W204- and a BB 8820) and I was struggling with this for several months. I look everywhere on the internet with no answers and I found a lot of people with the same problem. However.... I think I FINALLY HAVE THE SOLUTION:

    Here we go:

    - On a bluetooth connection you have, basically, two components.
    - You have the BB device and the car device.

    The key is that the car that is able to receive address book transfers has TWO services:

    1) hands free unit
    2) Objects Push

    The thing is that this TWO services cannot work together AT THE SAME TIME.

    Normally, you have the car device activated as a "hands free unit", SO, when you attempt to transfer the address book, you receive the famous message "unable to locate object push server".

    The one million dollar question is "how can you switch to "Objects push" mode ? Answer: go to Bluetooth, select your car device, open Options and press for "update list of services" and.... voil!!! the description "hands free unit" will change to "objects push". At that time you will be able to transfer contacts (obviously setting your car device -in my case- to receive those contacts).

    Be careful: once you finalized the transfer, you must deactive the car device for receiving contacts and, on your BB, update again the list of services to get your "hands free unit" again because, if not, you were possible will be having problems on connecting over the bluetooth (another common problem I saw in several posts).

    And thats it. It worked for me so, pleae try it and Enjoy!! By the way, you dont need to update your OS....

    Cheers from Argentina.

    01-28-09 11:54 AM
  2. JayJay69's Avatar
    I have tried all that you have said but I cannot update the list of services???? Any more ideas anyone?????
    02-08-10 10:31 AM