1. dnharris's Avatar
    I'm submitting this solution to a problem I was having when I upgraded to vznav4 which was not getting any voice commands. I have a Pearl 8130.

    I contacted verizon and they resolved the issue via the following steps:

    1) Go to Options:
    2) Select Advanced Options
    3) Select Applications
    4) Select VZ Navigator
    5) Menu to "Edit Permissions"
    6) Make sure "Connections" & "User Data" are set to Allow
    7) Expand (using menu) "Interactions" and make sure all settings are "allow" except set "Browser Filtering" & "Screen Capturing" to "Deny"
    8) Power off/on Blackberry and hopefully vz navigator voice can now be heard
    11-22-08 11:04 AM
  2. Experis's Avatar
    Thank you for posting this. Worked like a charm. Not having the voice prompts was driving me nuts!
    12-25-08 01:59 PM