1. Jhazon's Avatar
    My old BB Pearl had an excellent feature... GPS Maps. So after an upgrade, I find "GPS - Location" but I can not find a program/app on my device that show me maps or GPS navigation. Please help!
    09-10-11 04:38 PM
  2. trueredsoxfan_58's Avatar
    Is your device connected to BIS? (mini blackberry symbol in top right corner of homescreen?
    09-10-11 10:46 PM
  3. Jhazon's Avatar
    BIS? ...doesn't appear to be the case.
    10-01-11 07:35 AM
  4. BTFan's Avatar
    If you don't specifically have a BlackBerry data plan (BIS - BlackBerry Internet Service), you won't get most of the apps that require data. Once your BlackBerry connects to a BIS, you will get all the apps either pushed on your phone or available to install in BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
    10-02-11 12:30 AM