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    Well it's time to move on. I just received my Samsung Galaxy S8. WOW, is this thing fast. I've had a BB10 phone since the beginning , first a Z10 and then a Z30 (Pearl, prior to that). Great phones, but with NO MARKETING, they didn't sell well. I have never, ever seen one out in public, only older BB phones. With the demise of BB10, it's time to move on. All you have to do is look at the homepage of Crackberry, it's all Android. The last update gave me WiFi calling (T-Mo), but it only worked for about 90 seconds then the call cut out, plus I couldn't send out texts until I turned WiFi calling off. The phone is getting glitchy. When I go to the hub, the phone goes from portrait to landscape and back to portrait. When I go to check my texts, the screen flickers. Apps are getting slow to come up. Android apps are hit or miss whether they work. The final straw was that my employer is switching from pagers to a paging system through your phone. You have to download an app for it to work. The app is only available for Apple or Android (BB10 and Windows need not apply). I could download the app on my Z30, but it didn't work. With BB moving to Android, I decided to follow as well, but not with a BB Android phone. I'm not interested in an actual keyboard, plus the specs are middle of the road. It's said that BB phones are more secure, but I'm not worried. I don't have classified stuff on my phone. I believe even Chen in an interview said that Android is quit secure. So long Blackberry! It's been fun.
    04-22-17 11:48 PM
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    04-22-17 11:56 PM

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