1. gmrulz4u's Avatar
    All I want to do is share the Data Plan for Internet on my Rogers Blackberry Bold 9000 with my old Dell AXIM X51 Windows Mobile PocketPC. Is this impossible or do-able? It would be best if I could do it with Bluetooth since I think the only way using a USB cord is to have the Desktop Software installed on it? I assume it can't really be set-up to be found as a WIFI Network?


    06-18-11 09:37 AM
  2. jthep's Avatar
    Try the Tether app on Blackberry, check to see if your model is compatible. There is a Tether website that helps explain the app for both Blackberry and Android phones.

    The app is generally not cheap, it can run you $50, but you get a 1 week free trial. Sometimes there are deals where you can snag it for $25-30.

    Keep in mind its a one time payment for a very useful app that lets you share data for free. I know where I live, ATT wants to charge me extra every month to tether, this app gets around that.

    The greed of these carriers, charging for a feature all these phones are fully capable of to share data you are already paying for?
    06-18-11 09:54 AM
  3. jthep's Avatar
    BTW, the Tether app does work as both USB cord and Bluetooth. If that helps any?
    06-18-11 10:12 AM
  4. gmrulz4u's Avatar
    OK so I downloaded that app and ran it. But I still don't understand how I use my Blackberry as a Router or Modem? When I pair using Bluetooth my PDA and Blackberry, it gives me the services as Dial-Up Networking and Serial Port, but how do I actually take advantage of this? It seems like after they're paired, I can't do anything to actually initialize or start the connection and usage process.

    When I go through Adding an ISP, select Bluetooth, pick my Bold 9000, it starts asking for dial-up phone numbers and usernames/passwords etc.

    Thanks for the info thus far!
    06-18-11 10:17 AM
  5. jthep's Avatar
    I never used the Tether app as a router, to my knowledge, Blackberry phones haven't been designed with WiFI hotspot type capabilities but are designed to directly tether to laptops or tablets. Think of it more as an air card/connect card for one computer.

    Does the app work to share data on your computer? Mine works like a charm, its the most expensive app I ever dl, but also probably the most useful...
    06-18-11 01:19 PM