1. Virg54's Avatar
    At 3:30 AM, my 9670 vibrated and I barely worke. I fumbled for the BB, saw I got an email for a friend and opened it.

    She sent me a link (very common) and I opened it.

    I opened it, and within seconds, it shut down and restarted, with the Bluetooth blue light flashing.

    I thought, "That's bizarre"...

    I woke up enough to reason that I had opened a link to some kind of malware.

    I disabled the Bluetooth and am now wondering how much of my data was sent out and how to find/uninstall/erase this unwanted malware.

    Give me a PC and I can make it serve coffee. A smartphone is another matter. WAY TOO smart (and stupid) for our own good!

    Any help out there?

    Thanks, in advance!
    08-01-11 06:15 AM
  2. T�nis's Avatar
    Sorry, I don't know, but hopefully others can help. Could it have been nothing, a fluke? Please keep us posted on what you learn and your progress.
    08-01-11 08:59 AM
  3. kbz1960's Avatar
    Not likely a virus would effect a bb. Now when you plug it into your computer a virus may jump to it from the bb.
    08-01-11 09:08 AM