1. Nonprofitdoc's Avatar
    My Bold 9930 has worked great since I bought it in August.

    Today I sent an email, put the phone back in its protective holster, then took it out several hours later and it was dead. Weird stuff, especially since the battery was almost fully charged.

    Pressing the on/off button caused the red lite to blink for a while, and now that's gone.

    I did a hard battery pull...no dice.

    Will run to my Verizon store tomorrow morning. Any advice before I head out?
    12-17-11 10:25 PM
  2. blue_k's Avatar
    Try charging it again. If that doesn't work try connecting it to your computer. If that doesn't work, take it back to the VZW store and get an exchange.
    12-18-11 12:56 AM