1. inc188's Avatar
    has anyone figured out how to sms for free to uk from canada?

    perhaps going thru google voice or another app or even email?

    05-03-11 02:34 PM
  2. mark-d's Avatar
    If the UK user is not a BB user then BBM isn't an option and SMS would therefore be international chargable.

    You could try something like Whatsapp messenger which uses data rather than sms and therefore wouldn't be international charges. It's suitability depends on what phone the overseas user is using
    05-03-11 03:11 PM
  3. Radius's Avatar
    Send them an email to their SMS account. Depending on the carrier they should allow this. Just like Rogers or anyone else, [email protected] will send an email as an SMS to the person's phone assuming you put in the right number in the email address.
    05-03-11 04:22 PM