1. passingthru's Avatar
    I have the BB 3G 9330. Recently I downloaded the software update. Immediately afterward I started having trouble sending texts. I can receive a text, but when I try to reply or send one, I get a red X with "error 4, Message ID 89".

    If I remove the battery and reboot, I can send just one text, then the problem resurfaces and the error message shows up again.

    Anyone else having this problem? Is there a permanent fix? Kind of inconvenient to have to reboot every time I want to send a text message!
    02-22-11 11:24 AM
  2. danacallo's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem - downloaded the new 6.0 OS a few weeks ago, but the texting problem just surfaced today. HELP??
    02-23-11 01:08 PM
  3. danacallo's Avatar
    As no one answered us, I thought I would answer myself. I just got off the phone with BB. This problem was reported as an issue with BB on 2/22, so it's really new. The only solution that is available is to downgrade back to OS version 5.0, which has to be downloaded from blackberry.com. I am not happy about this, as i have just now gotten my BB to the point where i know how to use it after "upgrading" to 6.0 in January, but, alas.... what's a girl to do!

    Hope this helps, but I'm sure you're not happy.
    02-24-11 10:28 AM
  4. jfflarsn's Avatar
    I had the same problem and may have fixed it by installing an update via my desktop software that I found by accident. Connect to your desktop software and click on "Applications" and wait for the list to update, you may see under the OS an "update" that's "available" although when I requested to update my device it said there were no updates! Anyway, under "application summary" at the bottom you can highlight the update then click on "apply" in the bottom right corner and wait for it to update. So far so good but Verizon sent me a replacement phone I'm going to hang onto for a few days to make sure it stays fixed or just downgrade.
    02-24-11 01:46 PM