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    I tried searching for this but could not find anything. Hopefully some of you that know more about this can help me out.

    I recently got the Bold. I have had blackberry for several years and used redirector to get my emails. I got them very quickly. When I got this email, AT&T set me up with BIS. Its great in that now I can view attachments which is a great improvement. But, there is often a delay before I get the emails. Usually 10-20 minutes. But today one was about an hour. Is there a way to change how often BIS gets and forwards my emails?

    I am using Microsoft exchange server in our small office. We do not have enough blackberries to make using BES make sense (unless they have changed that, too and it is no longer expensive).

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    It sometimes depends on the email account you're using. For example, my Yahoo! Mail is not always instant but most of the time is really quick. Sometimes it takes about 30 minutes, but about 90 percent of the time it's quick. My BB address is always instant. In my experience is depends on the server your mail goes through before hitting you BB.


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    Yesterday two emails never hit the BB at all. A couple others were over thirty minutes later again. Any hints on changes I can make?
    11-16-08 10:11 AM