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    I have been using my Torch 9800 for over a year now with Office 365 and the BB cloud service. Been very happy. Within the last week it seems that things have gotten really slow. The synchronizing of which messages have been read and sent messages from outlook to my Blackberry is painfully slow. It seems like sent e-mail is only updated daily (all at the same time). As a test I sent a message to myself from my Blackberry. It arrived in about 30 seconds on my Blackberry and in outlook. After an hour is is still not in my sent messages. If I read the message on my Blackberry it shows as read in outlook after about a minute. It may never clear automatically on my Blackberry.

    This stuff used to work seamlessly. Now it is a real pain. Anyone else having these sorts of problems?
    03-09-13 11:22 AM

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