1. mikesezgreen's Avatar
    I have been using my blackberry for 3 months now with no problems with wifi or UMA as i have been using a netgear modem with aol broadband.

    However, i have recently changed my broadband provider to Sky, who have sent me a new router. Once my services were transferred, i set up the new modem with no problems accessing the internet on my laptop. However, my blackberry won't connect to the internet, and the UMA won't work either.

    I have connected my phone to the new router, and they are connected, as the name of the router is displayed on the screen. I have also gone into the router settings and have pinged the phone from my laptop, and they are connected, it's just i can't use any of ther services.

    My mother also has the same device as me (9700) and when she was at my house yesterday, she had the same problem as me.

    Is there any settings i need to change to the router to get it to work, or do i need to contact sky to see if its a problem with their service? I have phoned Orange and asked their advice and spoke to a very unhelpful, and unknowledgable girl, who ended up putting the phone down after exhausting all possible problems.
    10-23-10 04:44 AM