1. fenderbender's Avatar
    Hi there,

    I have a BIS account (T-mobile) and I forward my personal email address to my blackberry email address. This works fine. I receive my mails on both, my PC and my blackberry.
    However, often when people send me large attachments or pictures I only receive the mail on my PC and not on the Blackberry. This is quite ok and I understand that there has to be size limit for BB services.

    The problem is that either TM or BB sends out an error message basically stating that I did not recieve the message. I would like to prevent this as I DO get the message on my PC and would like for people sending me things not get get confused and think that my email is "broken".

    How do I tell TM or BB or both not to send error messages to the sender?

    08-19-08 08:18 AM