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    Sirius on Blackberry

    I have a Blackberry Curve 8320 and have been having some issues.

    So I have downloaded the following programs Usirius and Orb.
    I have gotten Sirius to work but it is intermittent. Seems as a general rule, when I am at home on WIFI I haven't had many issues when testing it, however, when I have been out and about I have had several issues. So I was wondering if I can get some advice:

    Issue 1: I get a red error playing message and get the following message:
    Content not available or Server is blocked or unresponsive.

    Issue 2: I get a red error playing message and get the following message: An error has occurred while attempting to play media

    Issue 3: It will try to buffer the stream through the media player. I click on the play key and then I get an error that the media could not be played. From the time that it begins to buffer until the time that I get the error is several seconds, up to a minute as well.

    Also - I am not sure what format to play in - I have seen the following choices:
    3GP Format
    3 GP - AAC/RTSP
    3 GP - AMR/RTSP
    seems like all work - but when i use 3 GP - AMR/RTSP - it will stay on until the screen of my phone goes off (as if its a screensaver) and then stops.
    I have to hit play again to load it.

    Can someone please help.
    Would be very appreciative.

    09-07-09 07:16 AM