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    Simple phone tricks

    Here are a few simple Message and Phone tricks to get you started:

    For Messages:
    On BlackBerry 7200 & BlackBerry 7700 Series:
    On BlackBerry 7100 Series:

    To jump to the bottom of the Messages screen
    Press B
    Press CV

    To jump to top of Messages screen
    Press T
    Press ER

    To mark a message opened/unopened
    Press Alt + U

    To move down a page in a message,
    Press Enter
    Press DF

    To move up a page in a message
    Press Alt + Enter
    Press JK

    To reply to a message
    Press R
    Press QW

    To forward a message
    Press F
    Press OP

    To reply-to-all
    Press L
    Press AS

    For Phone:

    To open the Phone screen
    Press Phone button (7200, 7700) or Spacebar (all)
    Press Send

    To change the volume during a call
    Roll Trackwheel
    Roll Trackwheel

    To dial the last number
    Press Spacebar + Enter

    Access your voicemail
    Hold 1
    Hold 1

    End a call
    Press Escape button
    Press End
    10-30-08 07:52 PM
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    This may be best served in the 7100 forum.
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