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    I have a google apps account that I had to add to BIS manually. If I type in my email and let BIS auto-tune the settings, it uses the wrong mail server and I don't receive any messages. I have successfully added the email manually, and I get the messages on my bb. What I would like to do, is add the GMail Plugin to this account. I have another google apps account that BIS configured correctly on its own, and I do have access to the plugin on that account, but not for the manually added one.

    How to I tell my bb that this is a gmail account?

    Another question -
    If I delete/archive an email from the "email folder" (the icon the bb screen attached to one email address) it doesn't delete in the "messages folder" (the icon that holds all messages and IMs) How do I fix this? If I delete/archive a message in the email folder, I want it to be off the bb entirely...

    Thanks for any help you can offer!
    10-21-09 06:43 PM