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    Simon Remix Public Beta & Private Beta reopened!

    By blackvenage at 2008-07-14

    RE - Development is proud to announce that finally we bring to you the Simon Remix Public Beta. Unlike the last beta release, this time it is for everyone. Not only are we announcing the public beta, we are happy to say that the private beta is reopened as well. Read more about the private beta later in this announcement.

    The Game

    For those of you who don't know, Simon Remix is based off a classic electronic game called Simon Says. The goal of the game is to have the computer, Simon, spit out a random set of colors. It is up to the player to input back those colors in the correct order. If you match them all, you move to the next round, and it gets harder. You match them incorrectly, and ooooo it's game over for you.

    How to Play

    To play, start Simon Remix, press the verify beta button (game expires at the end of July), press New Game, then start to start round 1. There are currently two forms of input. You can enable Num Lock on your BlackBerry and use 2 for Green (up), 4 for Blue (left), 6 for Red (right), and 8 for Yellow (down). Or if you prefer, you can hit the first letter of each color. For example to input red, red, blue, green, you would enter r, r, b, g.

    The Features

    Simon Remix now is re-skinned to a fresh sharp new look. It has new features such as vibration verification, smaller cod file, A more sensible menu system, and most importantly Simon Remix now supports the Blackberry Curve 83xx series, Pearl 81xx series, and the 88xx series.

    The Website

    Simon Remix now has its very own website. Come check it out at Simon-remix.ricksempire.com. Here you can download the public beta for Desktop manager or OTA, you can get the latest news for Simon Remix, you can donate to help support this project which we really need at this point. Or you can apply for the Private Beta.

    Now on Facebook

    Use Facebook often? Well Simon Remix also has its very own Facebook fan page. Please visit it at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Simon-...1065319?ref=ts and become a fan. It's free, fun and helps spread the word.


    Have questions, comments, or want to leave feedback for Simon Remix? Please visit the forums at RE - Development • View forum - Simon Remix and leave it there.

    Private Beta

    The next private beta officially starts now. We re-made the beta program now running through a website. Public betas will be released infrequently however they're for everyone to use. Regardless of PIN and whether or not you are in the beta program. The private beta will be released with more frequency than the public beta, you get to here news first, you get a priority seat for the beta programs for future applications, and you get a chance to win a free license for Simon Remix. The Private Beta is re-opened however space is still limited to sign-up while you can. To sign-up for the private beta please visit the website at simon-remix.ricksempire.com and register for an account. Accounts on the Simon Remix website are ONLY FOR PRIVATE BETA TESTERS. If you do not plan on being a private beta tester then please do not register at the site.

    For everyone needing / wanting an OTA link, it is now up at http://simon-remix.ricksempire.com/ota.

    Here are a few screen shots to introduce the new look.

    By blackvenage at 2008-07-14

    By blackvenage at 2008-07-14

    By blackvenage at 2008-07-14

    Have a question or problem? Either visit the forums *noted above* or email us at simon-remix@ricksempire.com
    ***Please remember this is a beta so bugs may pop up. Just please let us know. Thank you.

    -RE Development
    07-16-08 05:29 AM