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    okay here's the deal, i've had my 9800 for a quite a while now and i was looking for a change so i picked up a used iphone 4 for a good price. obviously I had to buy a new sim card because apple uses micro sim which i might add is a pain in the a$$.
    my question is, whats the best way to go about switching back and forth, im not gonna go completely iphone, because my beloved bbm would be no more.
    right now heres what im thinking:
    1) get a micro sim adapter and just switch when necessary
    2)get a bbm only plan? dunno if this even exists in canada without having a base voice plan to add on to.
    3) get some sort of data sharing plan (the blackberry dataplan works on my iphone fine) but this would be probably the most costly solution given my carrier is rogers lol and i dont know if they'd let me share between two phones.

    any suggestions?
    05-01-12 08:42 PM
  2. Totalimmortal363's Avatar
    Just use a SIM adapter and switch at will. The data plan works the same and I can't see your carrier making a fuss. US GSM carriers sure dont.
    05-01-12 09:58 PM
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    I do this between 9700 and iphone 4 on att. Had to get adapter, pay for bb bis plan, change apn settings in iphone. Works interchangeable between the two once I did this.
    05-01-12 10:57 PM
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    I use a sim adapter. I have a 6 Gb BB plan and go back and forth between my BB and iPhone. I had to spoof the APN (Bell doesn't make it as easy as Rogers) so MMS doesn't work (not a big deal) and it's seamless. That would be the best way.

    Rogers has a APN3CON code that can be put on the account to allow the sim switch - have you called in to ask?
    05-01-12 11:09 PM
  5. erodenero's Avatar
    @reeneebob, they advised me that i would have to call them every time i want to make a switch, but i assume because i would have to activate my sim every time i switch phones. If i was using the same sim with an adapter i dont think this would be necessary.
    ordered the microsim adapter, so we'll see how well it works once its here.
    05-02-12 10:35 AM
  6. erodenero's Avatar
    hows the microsim adapter working for you guys? cuz it seems like the actual contact part on a normal size sim card is a lot bigger than the micro.
    05-02-12 10:36 AM
  7. auto208562's Avatar
    My adapter works fine. No issues here.

    For me, I had to call everytime I switched sims/phones bc my iphone apn settings didn't work well with data thru bb plan. But after I changed apn settings to what my bb had, I didn't have to call anymore.
    05-02-12 10:41 AM
  8. erodenero's Avatar
    whats the apn settings for?
    05-02-12 11:04 AM
  9. reeneebob's Avatar
    It's how the iPhone radio interacts with the wireless network. For instance, iPhone data plans on bell use pda2.bell.ca and BB use PDA.bell.ca. Until I change it I get no data.

    There is a website that you use to change the apn settings on iPhone - its http://www.unlockit.co.nz/

    I had the Rogers guys across the way cut my BB sized sim card for me and it works fine. Like I said all that doesn't work is visual voicemail and mms. One of them has the apn3con code on his account and doesn't have to call in. I am with Bell and don't have to call in, I just throw the sim card in. As long as you have a BB data plan (not social only, must be data) and the proper apn settings you're golden.

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    05-02-12 11:14 AM
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    Yeah I was able to switch between a BB and windows phone on tmobile for awhile. As long as I had the bb data plan, they both worked fine.

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    05-02-12 11:22 AM
  11. dcgore's Avatar
    I bought a sim cutter from amazon for like $12. You can either use an adapter or even the left over cut out and sort of put back the whole sim card back together again. It works just fine.
    05-02-12 01:04 PM
  12. erodenero's Avatar
    sweet, any of u guys know if anyone offers a just bbm plan?
    05-02-12 01:16 PM
  13. xandermac's Avatar
    I use an unlocked iphone 4s and blackberry. I have the BIS plan & just use a microsim adaptor. Because my 4s is unlocked I can set whatever apn I choose on the iphone so the BIS plan works perfectly.

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    05-02-12 01:17 PM
  14. reeneebob's Avatar
    sweet, any of u guys know if anyone offers a just bbm plan?
    You won't be able to use data on the iPhone with a BBM only plan.

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    05-02-12 01:23 PM