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    I have a problem. I'm going to South Africa for 4 months this fall for studies and business. The technical infrastructure there isn't great. Some of the SIM card services I've found:


    Here are the specs for the best possible deal I can find on a SIM Card:

    • All Calls (including international): $0.60 per min.
    • SMS/Text (including international): $0.55 per text
    • GPRS Data: $1.53 per 100kb

    And now the problem. My current average monthly usage on Verizon:
    • Voice: 300 minutes
    • SMS/Text: 6,000-7,000 messages
    • Data Usage: 200,000 kb

    So... by my calculations, my bill in South Africa will be:
    • Calls: $0.60 * 300 = $180
    • SMS/Text: $0.55 * 7,000 = $3,850 (ouch)
    • Data: $1.53 * 2,000 = $3,060

    Grand Total: $7,090 / month

    Obviously... that's not going to work. Does anyone have ANY suggestions for figuring this out? I can absolutely cut down on my Blackberry usage, I understand that I will have to if I am traveling to a place like Africa, but even if I cut 1/10 of my usage, I'm still paying nearly $1,000 a month! Surely there's a better way to do this...

    Thank you!
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    cheapest was is to go native -- get a local SIM or get a local cheap CDMA phone if GSM is not available. Calling US from local network is cheap from many parts of the world, usually only 10c/minute.

    You can couple local wireless service with google voice to save on your text bills. You can get unlimited, low-bandwidth data, good enough for browsing from a handset, for $10/ month in many countries.

    Another tip is to prioritize your communications. Do the most important communications via handset, but save the others from PC/laptop that you only need to do perhaps twice a day.

    Check alltruesim or truesim, I forget which one. I think their sms rate is cheaper than the rates you quoted.

    Good luck!
    05-19-10 10:28 AM
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    Have you tried calling Verizon and getting an International plan for the time your there?
    05-19-10 10:39 AM
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    for what i hurt from Verizon last if you get the blackberry data plan for 99.99 dollar plan with 450 min unlimited everything else you only pay 20-30 dollars for unlimited overseas data. then u just use BBM or any other service to text. or u can go online and look how much u pay to get calling to the US with a sim card from down there and have verizon unlock u berry.
    05-19-10 10:44 AM