02-20-13 10:35 PM
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    I've been doing some digging through older news articles, and it really seems like the signs were there for quite some time now - BBRY knew that the US carriers would not be first out the gate.

    Here's some reading - November:
    BlackBerry 10 will get full carrier support, RIM exec says | Mobile - CNET News :

    August - focus here is entirely on enthusiasm of Canadian carriers. Though later re-bloggings of this story made it sound like RIM said that ALL carrier were enthusiastic, it's clear that when the news first came out they were talking about Canadian carriers: RIM Touts Carrier Enthusiasm for BlackBerry 10 | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

    I also recall with 100% certainty that early last year, Thor made some remarks that very specifically indicated that US would not be among the first to receive the devices -- but I can't recall enough of the exact wording to find it.

    My point is - in spite of discussion about carriers dragging their feet, or BlackBerry getting burned on the launch because carriers weren't ready to go... the signs have been there for the last 12-14 months. Every indication I can find (and recall) seems to say that this was in the cards (and their plans) all along.
    Heck, I was saying a number of times that the US launch would be delayed at least a month, possibly longer, than the rest of the world. It was like talking to a stone barrier. That's why I went ahead and ran an upgrade that would tide me over for a few months longer. I'd rather see how well the device gets supported and smoothed out. No worries, prior planning prevents pi$$-poor performance.
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    02-20-13 10:33 PM
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    Not sure if I agree with that, I still believe that it was a strategic move by BlackBerry to release the Z10 to the US late. Test your phone around the world to make sure it's acceptable, then release in the IMPORTANT market (the US) once it's perfect.

    People outside of the US are way more accepting of phones lacking apps, so it only makes sense imo
    THAT is exactly the reason.
    02-20-13 10:35 PM
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