1. padraic526#CB's Avatar
    This is an obvious tip, but I couldn't find it here, so I'll post anyway. I don't always want to have my full signature line (name, company, phone, fax, web, blog, twitter) as my signature stored in the Blackberry Internet Service entry for my default email, so I have just left the bare minimum ("Sent via my Blackberry 8830").

    I then created an autotext entry ("pdriscosig"), which would never be entered by mistake and had the autotext for this change it to the full signature. So if I want the full signature, I just type my autotext sig entry and voila.
    12-16-08 10:30 AM
  2. benzworm's Avatar
    auto text is pretty amazing, it is there i store all my special characters, i.e. the blackberry logo, hearts, etc...

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    12-16-08 10:32 AM