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    Hey hey,

    I know there are a few threads regarding this but it seems to related to US Carriers..

    I just moved into a condo from a house and we are on the penthouse floor, there are big windows etc etc so i thought it wouldn't be a problem!

    but for some reason my wife's 9700 gets EDGE and I get 1-2 bars on my 9800.. and our calls fail half the time even when sitting by the window

    we do not have a home phone but thinking of getting one cause of this.. my wife is now pregnant and will be staying home so she would be using her phone a lot at home so it may be worth it..

    but before that i would like to see what my options are.... i've heard of:


    from canada i've searched this:


    but both of these are found in the states.. is there anyone from Canada that has had experience with signal boosters? and if i buy one from the states would it work with the rogers frequency ? cause it says for Sprint MetroPCS etc
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    call you carrier, and have them see where the closest towers are and where they are located.

    a signal booster might not be the issue, your carrier might just not have a close tower.
    07-08-11 10:18 AM