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    I am and I have never seen one. Nor am I in a big hurry to try one. With all the attention and hype surrounding the PB, everything else pertaining to RIM has fallen in to a black hole. Nothing of any significance has come out of RIM since the Torch and that was only for the GSM crowd.

    Yeah, we have seen time lines on the Bold Touch and others but who knows when we will see any phones in stores. I have a Tour on Sprint and I would like to stay with Sprint. My only upgrade option is the 9650 which is going EOL any day now. RIM has put so much effort into the PB that the phone offerings have really been neglected.

    With a good smart phone and laptop, I don't want or need a toy like the tablet whether it is a Play Book, Ipad or whatever. I don't want to play on a Play Book. The device name tells you the focus here. I hope for RIM's sake that the PB is a HUGE hit because the BB phones have been taking it in the shorts just to focus on this toy. So bring on the PB, that way we can get over it and get back to updating a quickly aging phone lineup.

    End of rant....
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    There's another thread here about being tired of the playbook talk.

    As for new phones, BlackBerry World is coming up May 3rd and we're thinking RIM should announce some of their 2011 devices then. I agree it's been way too quiet on the phone front.

    As for CrackBerry's content regarding tablets/playbook.. let me copy and paste here what I said on the other thread:

    Hey All,

    YEP... We know there is going to be a LOT of BlackBerry PlayBook talk happening on the blogs, and we are well aware that for some of you (those not getting the PlayBook, who just got phones, etc.) that it's going to get real old quick.

    Couple things on this:

    a) We're not going to be writing any less about phones... so whereas without the PlayBook we'd maybe be doing 5 to 8 posts a day, with playbook content we'll be likely doing 9 to 15 posts per day. So it's more in total... not less about phones.

    b) To hopefully hit phone users too, we've already increased the # of posts showing on the homepage from the last 10 stories to the last 15 stories. That way with the mix of content, you should still be able to find relevant phone stories for you on the homepage. Whereas with 10 you might miss a couple phone stories due to the added PlayBook content.

    c) I've told all our writers to NOT FORGET ABOUT PHONES. We'lll still have phone content coming. Whenever there is new phone news, we'll talk about it. Unfortunately, we really haven't been getting that much new info on 6.1, etc. yet. I'm SURE that'll change at BlackBerry World, which is only a month away.

    d) It might take a little while to implement, but one of the things I'll want to do over the next little while is be able to allow readers to quickly sort Phone News from PlayBook News. I think the homepage will always show all stories, but maybe with one click you'll be able to see just phone news and/or tablet news. Kind of like right now if you click the News tab you see just the news stories and not our non-news content.

    Sound ok???? Anybody who's been around CrackBerry knows we always go nuts on the latest device. At the moment that's the PlayBook. Hopefully soon it'll be some 2011 BBs. In the end, we cover everything, and that's also why you have the forums here! To complain about our homepage content and talk about the things we miss.

    Sound good?

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    I for one am not sick of the PB, I cant wait to get one. However I also have a Tour that has given me great service on Verizon. I am ready for my free (or low Cost) upgrade. I do not want to get an EOL phone (Bold non touch) and wish RIM would release some new options or at least the Bold Touch. No matter what I will have to wait, but I would like to hear from RIM about the new products.
    03-30-11 12:47 PM
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    Thanks for the info regarding Crackberry. However, my criticism is aimed at RIM not Crackberry. I know you guys can't create posts and articles out of nothing and what we see here is largely a reflection on RIM and the industry.
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    Lets consolidate our chat on this topic to the existing thread Kevin mentioned. Perhaps RIM will even see it????

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