1. WVUGuy29's Avatar
    My friend sent me her old 8530 from Seattle, thru Virgin Mobile, and it's still showing her old #. I can't call or text because of this. I registered it and everything on their site. She also said she topped me up for the first month (late Christmas gift for both the BB and the top up, so she's kosher), but it still hasn't went through yet. I sent VM Care a DM on Twitter asking them if we could fix this, and they told me to e-mail them so they can review my account, which I did. I sent them the type of BB and the MEID # as well. The woman e-mailed me back asking me for my PIN and if this was a new or used BB. I stated that it was used (from a friend). I'm thinking I'll have to give VM a call today, provided they're available, and sort this out, but I'm wondering, with the switch and top off and all that why it didn't take. Any suggestions?
    01-05-13 04:11 AM
  2. Crowezine's Avatar
    It might be something to do with the fact she topped you up in a different company; and you're trying to use it in another. It's similar with BIS. It will only work in the country you pay for it in. I suggest you just jump to another carrier altogether. By the way, which country are you currently in?
    01-05-13 11:09 AM
  3. GlamGemini's Avatar
    I'm having a similar problem with my new refurb 9780, can't get it to work at all on my carrier even though its supposedly unlocked and everything.

    I had similar where it wouldn't show up my number.
    This is what I did:

    1. go to options
    2. Advanced system settings, its at the bottom of the menu on mine
    3. SIM card
    4. then press BlackBerry button
    5. click edit sim phone number and type in your number

    I hope it helps you.
    01-05-13 01:10 PM
  4. WVUGuy29's Avatar
    LoL no she sent it from Seattle, WA to Kentucky (where I was at on Friday). I sorted it out now, and I don't have a different carrier (just Virgin Mobile, what I can only get), but thanks!
    01-07-13 03:47 AM

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