1. kwandar's Avatar
    My parents live in Waterloo, and RIM is a major impactor to the economy. My father (retired) went out and purchased a Blackberry Torch, I'm sure just to show support, as I don't even know if he has turned it on (he isn't a major cell phone user).

    Taking from that I thought yes, it is small, but it is his way of supporting his community. Now I went one step further. I purchased a Bold 9900 (first time smart phone user) and I loved it. In fairness I could have had any phone, and it wasn't just about showing love, I actually very much appreciate what I saw with messaging - and was blown away when I started using it.

    Then I purchased a Playbook - REALLY love that. And another for my mother-in-law in Serbia who has a tough time with computers and who I can't support from here -she LOVES it.

    As a last step, our company had to do a US government trade show recently, which required us to bring a $100 giveaway. I got a Playbook for that purpose, partly to support RIM and partly to introduce a new US user to the fun and power of the Playbook. I'm beginning to get a reputation at my company as the Blackberry freak, as I'm constantly agitating to ensure that our software Applets work on the Playbook.

    I "know" I'm not the only one out there giving RIM a little love. How about sharing your stories and ideas here too?
    05-30-12 06:25 AM
  2. DavidsonLee's Avatar
    I've had a few people buying BlackBerries just to show support too. Friend bought a Torch TWICE (both 9800s) and countless 8520s with his own money to give to his friends and close relatives. He introduced me to BlackBerry and I introduced my dad to BlackBerry as well. I knew about the brand before (around 2007), but didn't know whether to get it as I wasn't fully aware of RIM at the time. When I got my BlackBerry, I couldn't help but be blown away about the quality and the keyboard (not the display as my phone is just a 9300). I instantly got hooked and all my friend could say was "RIGHT?" Dad was also hooked. At one point, he never let me touch his phone (Bold 9700).

    We were all hooked and well BlackBerry definitely deserves the support my Dad's company is giving to RIM. The company that he works for procured 8520s, 9300s, 9700s, 9780s and 9900s to give to managers and executives for the company that he works for, and the reviews that were coming in about the phones were great. Everyone was loving the phones. The CEO of the company as well. So yeah... even if today we see RIM at decline, there are a lot of people who LOVE BlackBerry.

    I support RIM and BlackBerry. I'd buy BB10 the year it comes out.
    05-30-12 07:52 AM
  3. kwandar's Avatar
    Excellent! I know there are a lot more stories out there too.

    I plan to give my Bold 9900 to my wife when the Blackberry phones are out and to get her a Playbook too.

    The one thing I'd like is Skype, or at least a working alternate like imo.im for Playbook so that I could ship a few more Playbooks overseas to relatives and seed the market there. Anyone who gets one in their hands loves it.

    My mother-in-law isn't very tech savvy, and she was worried she wouldn't know how to use it. To my surprise it was the camera of all things that she loves the most - and some games The videochat will hopefully be a nice addition too, although they need a desktop version and/or web version so that we can supplant Skype, if we can't have Skype.
    05-30-12 08:28 AM
  4. otacon's Avatar
    All through the years I've bought all my girlfriends blackberries (one girlfriend at a time, mind you ), up till the day I married my wife and my wedding gift to her was a new blackberry.

    I always give our old blackberries away to close friends so that they can adopt to the world of blackberry too.

    Now am just waiting for the day the Playbook 4G is launched, and the day BB10 is launched. I'll be the first in my country to get ahold on those...
    05-30-12 08:46 AM