1. lc474's Avatar
    Not necessarily into two companies, but 2 divisions? One for enterprise and one for consumers. We keep hearing that qnx does not play nice with their current network, thus causing all the problems and delays, and if BB10 is as good as they keep saying why not release it as a consumer device that stands alone and does not have to go thru their network in any way whatsoever. If consumers don't care about security anyways or bbm anyways why not release it?
    Governments and companies that require high security can continue to use the legacy os, rim can keep them on os7, keep improving it through updates, and it gives them time to work on qnx, and make it work with their system and would take the pressure off in some ways.
    I know its not ideal to have 2 os, but the situation their in leaves them with little choices.

    Admitidly my field of expertise is in marketing and business relations, and dont know all too much about the backend, but would like to hear from people if this is plausible, although maybe not ideal... Thoughts?
    07-02-12 09:40 AM
  2. OzarkaTexile's Avatar
    The problem with the OS7 market is that it's getting smaller. Just splitting into a separate division doesn't give RIM any more time or cash. If they could sell their OS7 business, that might help, but even in niche high-security applications, I don't think it has much future beyond the next few years.
    07-02-12 09:52 AM
  3. nbennet2's Avatar
    I think a split in two makes sense. It could be RIM and BlackBerry. BlackBerry can be the software and hardware side of the business. Leverage QNX to make partnerships with different industries. QNX integration in airline and automobile info entertainment units. How do you do this, by continuing with BB10 and deliver an operating system that can be used in all these aspects. They could be hardware provider in the tablet and phone market, but could choose to ultimately leave hardware through partnership. RIM can be the NOC and network aspect of the business. This business could go out seeking partnerships with other businesses promoting their worldwide secure network. Of course BlackBerry and RIM would have a key partnership, where BlackBerry would continue to use RIMs NOC for its services but RIM has the potential to expand and become a cloud provider, potentially even a content provider for BlackBerry and any other partner. I think by doing this both businesses will continue to succeed.
    07-02-12 10:27 AM