1. jc19's Avatar
    I'm planning on getting a blackberry sometime soon but wanted to know if it would be worth waiting for the bold over the 8330. I'm thinking I want to go with either sprint or t-mobile. I don't want to go to any other service because they are more expensive. Which one is the better service? Also, money is a factor so would the wait be worth it after all the rebates? I can get the 8330 today for free after rebates, how much would the bold be after rebates? would it be worth the probably big price difference?

    08-25-08 12:03 AM
  2. dolphinguy's Avatar
    I'll tell you right now the Bold is not going to be cheap. It's not coming anytime soon to sprint or Tmobile. AT&T gets it first and right now it's on hold with AT&T because of problems.
    08-25-08 12:07 AM
  3. frfghtr's Avatar
    Welcome to CB

    The answer you don't want to hear is, it's all about personal preference.

    Tough to make a decision in one's behalf since you will be the one using it.

    It sounds like you're looking for the most economical solution. Regardless of which bb you chose, I doubt you will disappointed.
    08-25-08 12:20 AM
  4. jc19's Avatar
    Also, which service between the two is better? Sprint or T-mobile? I hope I'm not trying to compare apples and oranges.
    08-25-08 12:26 AM
  5. vx1's Avatar
    the only way to decide this kind of thing is to see if its in your budget and what you like best by going to the store and try it out.

    all the references in the world won't change how you personally will feel about a product in your hand. Its a personal choice. Yes the Bold is a great phone and the curve is a solid great phone. Are you in any kind of rush or are you just looking for something cool. You get what I mean ..

    make sure its what you want for yourself and you feel comfortable with it, test the various models & play with them
    Test drive ! Time, goto town
    08-25-08 12:33 AM
  6. bcollins021's Avatar
    i would wait thats a no brainer
    08-25-08 12:34 AM
  7. Branta's Avatar
    Also, which service between the two is better? Sprint or T-mobile? I hope I'm not trying to compare apples and oranges.
    Whichever provides best coverage in the places you want to use the phone. They are indeed appes and oranges.

    Bold is GSM only and includes 3G. Curve and Pearl have different versions for GSM and CDMA. 88xx series has versions for GSM, CDMA, and 8820 dual mode.

    CDMA only exists in north america, so if you want to travel out of USA with your BB go for GSM capable.

    Looking at carriers and models posted by CB members, Sprint seems to be a CDMA carrier and TMobile is GSM.

    If you want to BB in Japan you need 3G which means Bold (or the older 8707 which is proably due to go out of production soon).
    08-25-08 07:47 AM