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    Iím a long time Palm smartphone user (Kyocera 7135 and Treo 650) who is considering a Blackberry device. Iíve put off making a change to a new platform because of the learning curve, but with Palm seemingly dead in the water, now seems to be a good time to make the shift. In looking at the Blackberry ďecosystemĒ Iíve come away with some questions about whether Iíll be able to retain some of the key functions that Iíve come to rely upon on my Treo. Here they are:

    1. Can I do a full backup and restore to and from a media card on a Blackberry? If not, what does one do when on the road and a failure of the device occurs (No, I donít have all the information/documents I need stored on the Exchange server)?
    2. Can I get the functionality of Documents to Go on the Blackberry (store documents on the device, edit Office documents, retain original formatting, etc.)?
    3. How can I replicate crucial freeware/software such as:
    • TideTool (worldwide tide tables);
    • Metro (worldwide transit directions and schedules);
    • Expense (expense tracker that will export to Excel);
    • Converter (converts worldwide weights and measures);
    • Directory Assistant (provides 411 information including ability to save to contacts and get Google Maps directions); and
    • FlightStatus (provides live information on airline flight status)?

    4. Can I get an RSS reader that integrates with the browser, has options for whether or not to download images, stores data on the media card for offline reading, and permits feeds to be organized by categories?

    The Blackberry seems excellent for e-mail, contacts and calendar, but Iím less confident about some of the other capabilities that Iíve come to expect from my phone. Iíd love to switch, but Iíd like to be sure about what I might be missing.
    09-02-07 02:06 PM